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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Harlot Was Here

Okay--I realize it's taken me forever to get this post up. The Yarn Harlot was here on Saturday, and I'm finally posting about it on Wednesday. Sorry. (I'd tell you I got distracted, but that pretty much goes without saying.)

Technically, she wasn't here--she was at Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos. Close enough. I got to hear her speak (I love her books, but she's REALLY funny in person) and have her sign one of my books. (Well, my copy of one of her books. You know what I mean. Don't get nitpicky.)

Here she is with my shoulder. (It's a terrible picture of me, and while I try not to be a vain person, I really don't want the first picture of me on this blog to be quite that terrible. You don't either. Trust me.)

I must say, as excited as I was, I really wasn't at my best. In retrospect, it was rather embarrassing. Aside from looking like hell (which I didn't realize at the time), I got very tongue-tied (which was impossible for me NOT to notice). When she was signing my book, Stephanie asked me a question. A simple question. Now, I write for a living (marketing materials--nothing exciting), so you'd think I'd be capable of stringing two words together to form a simple sentence, yes? Apparently not. And I don't seem to have the sense to just shut my mouth and smile. No. I babble. Mostly incoherently. And this is why I don't go out in public much...

I did meet a very nice lady in line while we were waiting to have our books signed. She can confirm that I am, in fact, capable of normal conversation. Her name is Julia, she was knitting a sock "magic loop"-style, and she had another WIP with her--a very cool entrelac sock. Did I get a picture of it? No. Of course not. I am not a very good blogger. Again, apologies. I will get better. However, I did get a picture of Julia (with The Harlot), and I'll post it if she (Julia) tells me it's okay (I may not be a very good blogger, but I try to be a polite one).

All in all, it was a very pleasant afternoon and evening. Generally speaking, I knit alone, so it was both fun and interesting to knit with other folks, even if I managed to mess up the cardigan I was working on. (I switched to socks.) At first, I was a bit apprehensive about knitting in front of other knitters. Since I taught myself to knit, I had an irrational fear that someone would look at me and say "you're doing it wrong". Nobody did. You gotta love knitters!



At 6:04 PM, Blogger HoJo said...

Don't worry, none of those knitters present would tell you you're doing it wrong. However, many of them have been known to ask you to show them how you do it, especially if its different! Thanks for coming.


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