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Friday, September 15, 2006

Like Watching Wool Dry...

(...or, in this case, a wool/hemp blend...)
This is a really bad picture of my recently finished "Very Harlot Poncho". I finished knitting it on Monday. I wove in the loose ends and washed it on Tuesday, and it's STILL damp. Now, I know I live near the water, so it always seems to be a bit damp in the air as compared to, say, Arizona, but this is crazy. I keep turning it over to make sure the air circulates around it, and I open the window next to it during the day. It does seem to be making S-L-O-W progress, and it doesn't smell like mildew. Yet. But it really doesn't seem like it should take this long to dry.

So, being fairly new to large projects in natural materials that can't be put in the washer and dryer, I'm wondering if this is normal. Any thoughts? I'm seriously considering tossing it in the dryer on "air dry" before something sprouts.

Of course, in the mean time, I have started a new project (even though I still have several on the needles...):

Socks for the dbf. I think he's as excited about them as I am (which is one of the many reasons I love him). He's been waiting patiently for them since early August. I've lost count of how many times they've been cast on and ripped back. But at least for me, there's been activity. I understand why the yarn hasn't been turned into a pair of socks yet. First, I thought I'd try toe-up socks, but I needed to adjust the pattern for his feet. Then I got frustrated with the toe-up pattern and found a new one. Which needed to be adjusted. And then I read that toe-up socks wear out faster, so I decided to go back to my standard sock construction and save the experiments for my own socks.

And all the while, my dbf has been waiting quitely. Patiently. But I know he has to be wondering what on earth is taking me so long. My lace socks didn't take this long, and although he doesn't know a lot about knitting, he senses that lace socks should take longer than his socks.

So, I'm waiting for my poncho to dry, and he's waiting for me to finish his socks.

Maybe when they're done, we'll go out and watch grass grow.


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