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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tink, Tink


Just a quick note to let you know there hasn't been much knitting here lately (although there is some unknitting going on...), but I expect to remedy that, at least a bit, over the weekend.

Basically, I've been distracted by other frustrations in life. Other frustrations that have distracted me to the point of making stupid mistakes in my knitting, which has resulted in my need to tink back three rows on the tam. I can't believe I've made another bonehead mistake on this wonderful tam. It really is an easy--and fun--pattern to follow. Just pay a little attention to what you're doing. However, I don't recommend knitting it while ticked off. (The Harlot Poncho, on the other hand, was great for that!)

At least some good may be coming of all the frustration. I finally reached my tipping point, and am actively working to find an alternative to the situation. I am now a woman on a mission! Everything, including the tam, will be sorted out in short order.

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