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Monday, June 18, 2007

All Flickr'd Up

...and drunk with anticipation of the Summer of Socks!

In spite of signing up for a Flickr account in September of last year, I know precious little about how it all works. But, since I've got a deadline at work and I excel at procrastination, I played around a bit with the Flickr account this evening. I think I'll be able to post as required (suggested?) to the Summer of Socks '07 Flickr group.

To test this theory, (I'm hoping) I've posted a photo of a scarf I made my mother for Christmas last year (yes--I did finish it. On time. Barely.) that I posted to Flickr last September. (I may have also posted it here. I can't remember. It's not important for our purposes.)

Here's to hoping we all see a scarf in progress on this blog entry...

And now I best get back to work, so as to avoid one of those nasty hangovers in the morning--you know--from too much Flickr the night before...



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