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Friday, July 13, 2007

Nothing To Report

Sorry--no eye candy Friday today, and no progress pix.

The sock is now just over 5" long--about 2 more to go before I start the heel.

I'm on row 32 of the Mystery Stole, now putting lifelines in every 10 rows because, like the sock, there has been much frogging. I may be too slow to even be considered a slow bee, but Bonne Marie Burns made this nice little button for many of us lagging behind. The third clue comes out today and I still haven't finished the first chart on the first clue. Between the Summer of Socks and the Mystery Stole, I may well have overextended myself. Too bad I have to work...

There's too much going on in other parts of my life right now to spend much time knitting or blogging, so things may be a bit quiet here for a bit. I'll try to do better about eye candy Friday, and if I make any progress worth photographing, I'll try to post pix.

Have a great weekend!



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