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Monday, November 27, 2006

The World's Slowest Sock

I don't even want to think about how long I've been working on this sock. It's embarrassing. Of course, I suspect it would help if I worked on it every day for a reasonable amount of time...

I did take it to Disneyland with me, and I got a little more done than is shown here, but the lines weren't nearly as long as I thought they'd be. (Of course, we were really only in the parks on Thursday and Friday...)

Sadly, although it traveled with me, I didn't pick it up once over Thanksgiving weekend. Bad knit-blogger.

I know I should just work on it until I finish the pair before I start any new projects, but I have a couple of things I need to get done for Christmas. Sigh.

Anybody have any tips on speeding yourself through projects you seem to be stuck on?


Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Friday

First, the eye candy photo I tried to upload last Friday... If I get no other photos up on this entry, at least the eye candy will be here. Only seems fair, since technical issues kept me from posting it last week, and I probably won't post next week--but we'll see.

In knitting news, I have FINALLY been making noticeable progress on the sock for the boyfriend. It has a heel now, and the decreases on the gusset are almost done, so it's starting to look like a sock! Woohoo! A picture as soon as I can snap one(hopefully, today at lunch, but don't hold your breath). I was hoping to have gotten a little further last night, but it turns out I can't pay attention to decreases and watch Blade Trinity at the same time. Should have brought out the non-project I told you about in the last post. Oh well.

Happy Friday!


Friday, November 03, 2006

This is NOT a new project...

Why does it seem like there's never enough time? Not enough time to knit. Not enough time to blog. I could go on, but you know the drill.

Anyway, no time for a substantial entry today, but here's a bit of knitting content for you:

Swatched in the round, and amazingly enough, I got gauge! That never happens. Of course, I actually need to figure out what gauge I want to get so I can adjust the sweater size a bit, but I'll deal with that later. The important thing is, this is NOT a project. This is a constructive distraction. It will be "Alice" from MagKnits, and in spite of the fact that I will eventually have a sweater, this is NOT a project. As I said, it's a constructive distraction.

I love this sweater, and would love to have it in time for the holidays, but I couldn't really cast it on as another project and start working on it ahead of other stuff currently on the needles. (Never mind that I already had all the appropriate yarn for it, purchased and waiting to start.)

Here's the thing. You've seen what happens when I try to knit while my brain is otherwise engaged. Not pretty. And about once a week, I go to Dad's house for dinner and TV. We have been known to have a glass or two. Now, knitting in front of the TV is already a bit of a challenge for me, and with Dad there's the extra pressure of knowing he'll hit pause if he thinks I've stopped paying attention to count stitches or figure out what I've just done. Add to that a glass of wine, and all but the most basic project is doomed to be ripped back further than I knit on it for the evening. This is why I had to cast on for Alice. It's mostly just mindless stockinette--in the round--nothing but knit stitches. It doesn't get more basic than that! So, for the evenings that I go to Dad's house, in order to protect my other knitting, this is the knitting that's coming with me. Not so I can get the sweater done, but so that I can get my other projects done.

And, since it's Friday again, here's where my eye candy will go when Blogger decides to let me upload pictures again. More Mendocino--the back yard of the B&B we stayed at.

Happy Friday!