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Thursday, May 10, 2007

BSOD and Sock Progress

Okay, so you haven't heard from me since Friday (which is more normal than I like to admit), but this time it's due in large part to having received the "Blue Screen of Death" while working on the computer last weekend. And while I've seen plenty of blue screens in my life, this was unlike any other I've ever seen before. It simply said something in plain English about a hardware failure. That can't be good.

This particular post comes to you from the work computer (technically a no-no--shhh... don't tell), just so I could let you know what's going on (the mad backing up of files and trying to make the computer work for a little longer, 'cause I don't really want to be spending the bucks on a new computer right now).

So, anyone who's sent me e-mail in the last week or so, please accept my apologies for not yet responding. I'm hoping to have something close to normal access restored this weekend, if Mother's Day doesn't take over. (Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.) And Susan, I'm sorry I haven't been able to send you a thank you note, but if you're reading, thanks for the shout out on your blog.

I'll try to post eye candy tomorrow, but no guarantees, since it will have to be another stealth operation...

Sock progress
So, the second sock looks something like this:

Yes, this is a photo of the first sock, taken from a post in November, but given my current technical difficulties--and the fact that the second sock looks remarkably like the first, I'm posting this one again. Yes, I've been working on these socks forever.

I'm hoping to have both new content and the technical tools to do a more interesting post next week--hopefully, a bit more fun than my standard-issue post, but you'll have to be the judge. Cross your fingers that the computer cooperates!


Friday, May 04, 2007

You'll Never Guess...

Again with the Mendocino pictures, 'cause:

1. It's so dang pretty, and

2. I'm running late.

    Taken in the Botanical Gardens.

    Happy Friday!


    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    Almost There

    Hey! Look what's blocking! In the time it takes most knitters to knit an entire sweater (or two), I am finally blocking my lace tam.

    Sometimes life just isn't conducive to knitting. Or blocking. It's not always a bad thing, mind you; for instance, I had a fabulous, but jam-packed weekend. But that's for another post--perhaps eye-candy Friday.

    The tam was a fun and relaxing knit (when I was paying attention). Ordinarily, I would imagine a reasonable knitter* could finish this in a weekend. The pattern, by Susan Rainey of The Rainey Sisters, was clearly written and easy to follow. I highly recommend it. (The blog is great, too.)

    More pictures when it's off the plate, but for now, here are a couple more shots.

    *reasonable knitter = knitter who is not me**

    **me = quite possibly the slowest and/or most absent-minded knitter on the planet

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