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Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting Organized. Maybe.

More likely, this is just organized procrastination.

In any case, this blog is a mess. (Perhaps not as big a mess as my house, or I'd be putting this off to clean a bit in the real world.) So, in classic procrastinator style, I'm attempting to update/synch the blog with my Ravelry space (where I am known as "calembour", to those who are interested). I even personalized the blank button they offer. See?

Great for procrastinating.

And my list on the right for projects on the needles? On my own, that's almost never updated, 'cause it's a pain. But my projects are almost always updated on Ravelry, 'cause it's so dang easy. So I decided it was about time to figure out how to display my Ravelry progress bars on the blog. Not so tough. Next, I figure out if I can do something similar for my completed projects. (Not so much the progress bar part as the automatic update part.) And then I'll just need to link my blog entries to my Ravelry projects.

But first I need to clean this house!


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