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Friday, January 12, 2007

Snapping Out of It

Another Mendocino picture for eye candy Friday.
I'll be traveling next week, so I'll try to get you something a little different for next Friday. (But really, who gets tired of seeing the ocean?)
And if I really get my butt in gear, you'll see photos of two FOs. I finished the scarf for the DBF and a hat for me. (The hat's a little small, but it works.)
I don't do resolutions, but my plan is more (and hopefully better) photography for 2007, so whatever this blog becomes (or doesn't become), my goal is more and better photos.
I'm seriously considering "joining" (or snapping along with) Stephanie's "Snap a Dozen Days". We shall see. For now, I leave you with yet another shot of the Mendocino coast.


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