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Monday, January 15, 2007

What Can You Do...

...between San Francisco and New York?

If you're me, you can do this:

I'm a slow knitter, so if you're not me, you could probably do matching wristwarmers or something. And you'd probably even get it right... I had a hard time twisting before joining the round the first few times (only because I was specifically instructed to do so, I'm sure), but it looks like I more than made up for it by twisting twice (? I think...) on the final product.

Still, I'm happy with it. It's the "Enchanted Evening Ear Covering" from the Winter 2005 Interweave Knits (part of the "Cover Your Ears" staff project). It doesn't really suit me as an ear covering, but I like it as a mobius-like scarf. And it was very cool to start it in San Francisco, and wear it off the plane in New York! (Of course, I didn't have scissors or a needle, so I had to break the yarn and tuck the ends in the back, but it was still pretty fun.

Now, to find a project for the flight home...



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