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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

With apologies to Rocky Horror Picture Show fans. (It cracks me up that Wikipedia's entry for "Time Warp" is about the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They tell you straight off, that if you're looking "For the concept of traveling to different points in time, see Time travel.")

Anyway, I've been a bit distracted by my own time warp here.

Time Warp, Exhibit One, Alice:
This is my progress on Alice.

Glacially slow? Yes. But not quite the time warp I'm talking about.

This is my row counter.

I am supposed to decrease on every eighth row. My row counter says I'm there, but I know that the row counter was just on "3". I could maybe believe "4". There's no way it should be on 8. But when I count the rows from the last decrease, sure enough--8. And this is the second time this has happened on this sweater. I seem to be missing bits of time... If it happens again, I'm going to have to consider the possibility that I'm a victim of alien abduction. (Not shocking, considering the number of UFOs around here...) Hey, at least they let me bring my knitting.

Time Warp, Exhibit Two, The Never-Ending Sock:
It seems that no matter how much knitting time I devote to this sock for the DBF,

It never gets done. (I swear, it's like a Winchester Mystery sock. Let's hope I don't wind up knitting a stairway to nowhere...) Started in August (pre-blog), introduced on the blog in September, updated on the blog in November, and I still haven't finished the first one! Well, I suppose that's one way to avoid "Second Sock Syndrome"...

Time Warp, Exhibit Three, Hey, Where'd This Hat Come From?:
And then there's this. The strangest of them all. In the midst of all this S-L-O-W knitting (including the slow knitting that I apparently do unconsciously, but still very slowly), this appears:

Yep. It's a hat. I was just about done with the DBF's scarf

(not really this red in real life...)

(this is closer, but it's not really this purple, either.)

so I figured I'd start on a hat for him. I found a top-down pattern, but wanted to play around with the pattern a bit before I started on his hat. I grabbed a wool/hemp blend out of the stash, and the next thing I knew, I had a hat. Me. The world's slowest knitter. Time warp, I'm telling you.

Next post will be more scarf and hat details. I'm headed to bed now. This Time Warp thing is a bit more than I can take.

("Say--Do any of you guys know how to Madison?")

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